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"Come Closer"
Tarkanīs long awaited English album has finally been released! 

Tarkan about the album:
“I think that my music is very unique and connects both worlds. That’s the reason why I named my album “Come Closer”. I believe in cultural sharing, in the idea of we-belong-altogether. In my opinion, music should have no borders and we should all try to come closer.”


Just Like That
In Your Eyes
Why Donīt We (Aman Aman)
Start The Fire
Come Closer
Donīt Leave Me Alone
Iīm Gonna Make U Feel Good
Mass Confusion
If Only You Knew

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International Tarkanclub meeting

November 2006, Tarkanclub had their annual International club meeting in Dortmund, Germany.  23 people from 9 countries joined each other for a wonderful Tarkan concert and a meet & greet with Tarkan.  We spent a wonderful day together, filled with many beautiful memories to treasure for a long time... Thanks everyone for making this day an unforgettable one! 
tarkanclubmeeting.jpg (2036864 bytes)
What is Tarkanclub?
Tarkanclub is the first ever International Tarkan fan club.  By becoming a member of Tarkanclub, you join the largest and most active Tarkan community in the world.  Not only will you make new friends, but you will get the latest news & updates from official sources and people who know his carreer inside and out. 

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single "Bounce" released 
March 23, 2006

single "Start the Fire" released 
August 18, 2006

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clipstartthefire.jpg (74618 bytes)
Start the Fire

Tarkan pictures Đ
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Marleen, 2005-2007 

Marleenīs Tarkan Place, version 2007

latest update: December 12th, 2007


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